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A Smart Research Hospital

  • 1 A disease-focused, integrated medicine model

    The Center breaks with the conventional setting of discipline-oriented departments, and establishes disease-centered multidisciplinary specialty groups, and clusters basic research teams to jointly promote research on disease mechanisms, screening and diagnosis, and treatment modalities. This setting enables the Center to help patients select appropriate treatments, reduce referrals and examinations within medical institutions, lower medical costs, and improve patients' experience.

  • 2 Clinical-problem-driven research

    The Center has a group of multidisciplinary teams led by physician-scientists that consist of clinicians, basic researchers, pharmacists, statisticians and other multidisciplinary experts. With the mission of conducting clinical-problem-driven research, the Center identifies problems from clinical practice and relevant scientific questions, and develops treatment solutions and components, which then are fed back to the clinic for validation, evaluation and optimization.

  • 3 Exploratory research and treatment

    The Center employs a treatment model that promotes the patients’ participation in order to create a human-centered medical experience, combining standardized diagnosis and treatment norms with personalized program selection. In addition to routine treatments, the Center actively develops molecular imaging probes, genetic testing, and drug technology to achieve individualization and precision of treatment through exploratory research, become an “incubator” for new drugs, devices and technology.

  • 4 An innovative general medicine and health management model

    The Center carries out a patient-centered concept and provides patients with a full range of medical services from prevention, early screening of diseases, comprehensive treatment and continuous management by means of general medicine outpatient services, health management center, MDT consultation and specialty referral. The Department of General Medicine undertakes two-way referral of patients by closely linking with specialties to ensure the continuity and professionalism of disease management.

  • 5 An improved day treatment model

    The Center provides operational diagnosis for outpatients by enabling some traditional inpatient medical services to be performed on an outpatient, day-patient basis, and integrates them in its Day Treatment Center by enlisting technology improvement, process optimization, and lean management, thereby reducing patients’ wait-time, optimizing medical experience, and providing patients with humanistic care and support.

  • 6 Data intelligence for healthcare

    The Center employs a smart data center as required by its clinical and management needs. Data integration management is a strategic configuration of enabling the clinical platform for open research, providing a comprehensive showcase for a new departmental integration and treatment model, demonstrating an exploration of deep integration of “medical, research, academics, translation”, as well as a perfect demonstration of advanced information systems to achieve hospital intelligence.



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